Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011


This just in!  Rebecca must have heard our outcries of sorrow as we mourned the death of her Friday video on YouTube because it's back on the site on a Vevo account.  That's right folks, it's back and better than ever...or it's just back.  Time to celebrate!  All I have to say is TGIFRIDAY!!!

Earlier: Rebecca Black gained worldwide attention when her hit single Friday was released.  Once this song went viral, YouTube exploded with millions of hits.  Music critics and viewers erupted with criticism at this video's cheesy lyrics and laughable content.  Basically, she became the laughing stock of the music world.  But as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?  By the end everyone knew Black's name, and she nabbed her a spot in Katy Perry's latest song, Last Friday Night.  So why has Friday been removed from YouTube?  Believe it or not, Black did it herself!  She has now made a copyright claim on it and has made sure it has been pulled from the very site that gave her the 15 minutes of fame she craved.  Oh irony, gotta love it.

She didn't seem to have a problem with it being on the site before, since she initially rejected Ark Music Company's offer to pull the video.  So one of two things has happened - she either got tired of being thought as a joke and wants to start fresh, or she simply wants to make money off of the song and doesn't want the public to be able to watch it for free.  Either way, I can't really blame her and you have to give the girl credit for taking initiative.  Still, now that I know it's removed from YouTube I can't help but miss it.  Fridays will never be the same.

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