Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

10 Unique (and Worthwhile) Travel Items

To completely enjoy your summer explorations, it might be worthwhile to check out some of the more unique but useful items we have found.
EZ Freeze Pure Great for backpackers, campers, and worldwide travelers. BPA-free water bottles with built-in filtration system come in 4 sizes (14, 24, 32, 64 oz) for all your travel needs. The center screw-on stick can be frozen to keep your water cold, while the filtration system screws on below. Fill up your water bottle, and as you drink, the water is filtered and cooled! Each filter lasts through 150 gallons of filtration, with replacement filters available.Starting at $9.99 for the 14-ounce Tritan bottle

Earth Heart Buzz Barrier Originally formulated for dogs and horses, this all-natural insect repellent is safe for humans and takes care of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, no-see-ums and ticks for up to five hours. Perfect for tromping through the woods, camping, or canoeing. In mist form, the spray can go directly on skin or clothing without staining or becoming sticky. $11.98 for 2 ounces
No Jet Leg This homeopathic jet lag remedy has been around for many years, but remains a constant in many a travelers luggage. No Jet Lag is safe for children and adults and has no side effects. It can be taken during airplane travel to help ease the symptoms of jet lag upon arrival at your destination. $12.85 for 32 chewable tablets.
Avenger Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray The resurgence of the bedbug has brought new infestations across the world and the number of cases having been steadily increasing. Cases are not isolated to hostels and low-rent hotels, so it pays to be prepared. This all-natural solution kills bedbugs and their eggs on contact. $15.85 for 3 ounces
Flight Spray Germ Shield All-natural nasal spray for travelers that works well on airplanes where you encounter dry, recycled air and a myriad of germs from fellow passengers, as well as on the ground when dry air is prevalent or when you feel a cold coming on (or already in progress). Flight spray helps to keep viral infections away in a safe and natural way. And its sized for air travel! $15.98 for 1 ounce
Gorillapod Magnetic While there are a number of Gorillapod products (originally, video, SLR, SLR-Zoon), I like the magnetic version which can be used as standard tripod, with flexible legs to adjust height, suspended or wrapped from rods/light fixtures/lampposts, or magnetically attached to a fridge/vehicle/metal pole. Lightweight, it packs into a narrow space, boasts quick set-up and release, and makes group shots easy. BONUS: you can get these in eco-packaging if you choose! $24.95
Reef Stash Shoes Designed for both men and women, these rubber-and-Nubuck flip-flops have a built-in drawer or lift-up heal to stash cash, credit card, ID or a key. Perfect for walking on the beach or going to the pool. Lightweight and far more useful than the flip-flops my son bought that had a built-in flask! $45 and up
ScottVest Tropical Jacket or Travel Vest My friend, Vagabonding author Rolf Potts, traveled through 12 countries in 42 days, covering over 34,000 miles with only the clothes on his back, including one ScottVest Tropical Jacket, just to prove it could be done. The jacket served as his luggage, with its 18 pockets holding his iPad, phone, changes of clothes, and personal products. While you may want to add a piece of luggage, these jackets will serve you well going through airports, on hikes and tours, and look good enough to stroll the streets of Paris or Rome. NOTE: travel vest available for men and women.) $100 and up
SwimMan SwimPod Whether you are doing your laps in the hotel pool, playing in the surf, or fishing at the river, this completely waterproof iPod will withstand the rigors of both chlorinated and salt water, allowing you to enjoy your tunes without care. Clips on to swim goggles, bathing suit, swim trunks, even your rubber waders. $150 for iPod; $100 for waterproof headset
Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard I know, I know, we are not supposed to be working on vacation, but some of us do travel for work, or we want to send off email missives to our friends and family about the juicy bits of our trip. This full-size virtual keyboard works off your cell phone or iPad (or anything with Bluetooth capability) and makes typing emails a breeze. $169.99

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