Minggu, 01 Mei 2011


APPLE BADS which was unfolded CHINA

Dark side of the company's sophisticated China.Lembaga Apple finally released by the environment in that country accused Apple is not responsible for the health and safety of workers.
Quoted from inilah.com Institute of Environmental and Public Affairs in China think Apple did not consider the condition of the plant components are so many people sick or kill myself. Apple is ranked 29th in terms of attention to working conditions.
The position of the lowest among other multinational companies in China. 'The Other Side of Apple, "an editorial statement the other hand Apple. This report is made after a worker at Apple's component factory in China committed suicide in 2010.
This event often occurs at Foxconn, one of the contractors Apple products. Even as quoted Dailymail, there reportedly leased Prelate expel evil spirits which are considered as causes of suicide.

In other Apple components manufacturer Wintek Corp., dozens of workers reported sick because terekpos chemicals at work. However, Apple never overcome those events. Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu China claims it is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility.
However, they did not respond specifically to the report. "Apple's behavior is different than other major brands and can not impressed very responsive," said the director of China's famous NGO Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs Ma Jun.

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